Bread Basket

Once the Mother Earth vessel is filled with ashes, it is placed inside a ceramic French Bread Basket.  See image below of before and after the insertion.   Bread represents life in the French culture, due to the presence of yeast; so the notion is that the pot holding the spirit of the departed pet is keeping flowers and joy alive.    Note:  The client can pick any color.

Names or other information into the clay.   Favorite hard objects of the pet or family rings can be used to impress the clay.  The bottom is signed and the name of the departed is usually placed there.  Once the basket has been assembled and bisque fired to pure white, it is stained according to the wishes of the client.  The Mother Earth Vessel is then placed inside, and then the entire assemblage  is covered in leaves and flowers (see complete Spirit Pot).  Each flower and leaf is made by hand, so no two are identical.  Note:  The client is free to recommend types of flowers and dominant colors.

French Bread Basket



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21 02 2013
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