In Support of Islam

To Mr. Trump,

Meaning no disrespect, I’ve a political bone to pick with you. Islam is a peaceful religion and its leaders here in America in particular regularly lament the vicious attacks on innocent people by criminals who use religion to justify tyranny, murder, rape and slavery. Every religion has its nuts and the Middle East is a mess; but that doesn’t mean Islam is the problem.  Your ideas however are dangerous and will make it harder for us to have allies in that dangerous part of the world.

Speaking for myself, I am a proud member of the Adams Center, the largest Mosque in Northern Virginia.  Please come to Friday prayers and meet your fellow Americans, loyal citizens who despise bigotry, and believe in the constitution and the Bill of Rights. They are also serve in our armed forces, become doctors and scientists, and regularly go to the aid of others, donating blood to people of any religion.

In 2013, I trucked fresh water to the citizens of Charlestown, West Virginia, then desperate for drinking water. Many in Loudoun made donations; but the largest single donation came from the Muslim-Americans of the Adams Center.

If being an Americans means anything, we must totally reject your ban on a religion.  That is bigotry and sounds like a version of the policies of the past that victimized Jews, African-Americans and the Japanese and so many others.

Mr. Trump, clearly you have not traveled enough nor studied well enough of what you saw in those countries.   You may be a great businessman; but in my opinion, your politics of ignorance will divide our nation and play into the hands of ISIS.  Please, go back to New  Jersey.

Happy holidays.



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