The price for a Spirit Pot is $350  (US), plus postage and insurance.   Deliveries within 100 miles of Dulles Airport, Virginia (near Washington, DC) are free and are handled by the artist.

Spirit Pots are shipped within 2 weeks of receipt of ashes.   There is no extra charge for the artist inserting the ashes; but project completion must wait for arrival of ashes at the studio.  Most people choose this option.

addressis the email address for questions.

Make subject line:   Spirit Pot Order.

When making an order, please include the following information.

  1. What color is desired for the Spirit Vessel/Mother Earth?
  2. Will the client or the artist insert the ashes?
  3. What color is desired for the basket?
  4. What flowers are desired?
  5. Will the client wish to have a message inscribed on the basket (usually done on the bottom)?
  6. Will the cient wish to have impressions made on the basket from signet rings, dog tags,etc?
  7. Are there any special requests for flowers or colors?  Each is hand pressed and semi-abstract.

Please include your mailing address and mailing preference.

Ordinary,UPS or FedEx is used, plus insurance.  We will send you an estimate before starting.


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