Larry Roeder is an author, artist, retired diplomat, emergency management expert and international commodities economist.  He also comes from a long line of artists on his maternal and paternal sides, and has been heavily involved in various forms of art for over four decades,  mostly charcoal, photography, oil portraits and ceramics.  In addition to being exposed  to art at home and at the studios of family friends, he studied in Paris, France, Canton, Missouri, the Corcoran School of Art in Washington and the Art League in Alexandria, Virginia.  

Larry mostly does portraits in charcoal, oil and film; but also works in clay.  This site celebrates Larry’s ceramic urn which is both a work of art and a spiritual honoring of an important family member, the PET.   Larry has been working with animals his whole life, starting with horses, camels, dogs and cats as a child.  He is a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator and also was trained in Costa Rica on how to move cattle herds by hand.   For other art by Larry Roeder, go to  


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